DID4All: Resources for Disability Inclusive Development


DID4All is a website dedicated to providing resources and technical assistance on disability inclusive development.

Disability inclusive development seeks to facilitate people with disability to participate in and benefit from development programs on an equal basis with others. It addresses issues of equity and of development effectiveness. Disability inclusive development is both a process and a goal, that seeks to ensure that the 15% of the world's population that have a disability, can contribute to the development of their communities (World Report on Disability opens in a new window, 2011).

DID4All is funded by the Australian Government to promote disability inclusive development, provide quality resources to the development sector and help ensure that Australian Government funded development activities are inclusive of people with disability.

Purpose of the website

DID4All provides a selection of technical resources to promote disability inclusive development and to assist a range of stakeholders, particularly donors who are involved in development to design, implement, monitor and evaluate programs in a way that is inclusive of people with disability. The site provides latest news, links to research and publications relevant to disability inclusion across various development sectors and practical guidance, case studies and resources to assist disability inclusive approaches.

Through a secure login section, it also supports staff at the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) with a rapid and reliable helpdesk facility, providing high quality technical advice and advisory support on disability inclusive development to assist with informed policy and decision-making.

DFAT staff may submit requests for technical assistance and propose case studies relevant to disability inclusion by logging in the secure part of this site.

New Resource

Open New Resource in new window - The Inclusion Imperative: Towards Disability-inclusive and Accessible Urban Development

This resource outlines key recommendations for disability inclusive urban development. The recommendations and “key questions to ask” help policy makers, urban development professionals, disability rights advocates, civil society organisations, private sector and academia ensure that cities respond to the needs of everybody, including people with disabilities. Good practices are shared alongside the voices of persons with disabilities to promote understanding of key issues influencing accessibility and demonstrate how accessibility can be a catalyst for innovation and inclusion in cities. The publication was developed by the Global Network on Disability Inclusive and Accessible Urban Development (DIAUD) and launched during UN Habitat III. The DIAUD is a multi-stakeholder network that aims to ensure that perspectives of persons with disabilities are incorporated into global urban development processes, including the implementation of the New Urban Agenda.